Turnaround & Field Services

Metalcraft Services offers complete Turnaround Services on Rotating Pan Filters, Belt Type Filters, and Rotating Table Filters. Experienced turnaround management, trained crews and an excellent safety record make for a successful project. Additionally our skilled personnel can provide Down Day Filter Maintenance as well as On-Site Filter Pan Repairs.

On-Site Service reduces cost and puts the customer in control of the project.

Complete Turnaround Services

  • Filter assessment
  • Qualified turnaround personnel
  • Pre-turnaround planning

Down Day Filter Maintenance

  • Repair day assessments
  • Component fabrication
  • Timely repairs
  • Qualified personnel

On-Site Filter Pan Repair

  • Fully equipped to build and repair filter pans on site.
  • Skilled personnel use cutting edge equipment and specialized fixtures, to completely refurbish filter pans right at the job site.
  • The Metalcraft team can handle any project, from simply repairing a spare pan to refurbishing a complete filter.