Filter Components

click to enlargeMetalcraft Services designs and manufactures replacement components for Bird/Prayon type tilting pan filters. We strive to continually improve our products so that our customers get the best value possible. Filter components such as the filter car frame, turnover track, or level track, are designed and fabricated to provide lasting service while reducing maintenance cost.

Rotating Car Frame

Metalcraft has designed, manufactured, and installed stainless steel car frames that eliminate the most common structural failures in rotating filter car frames. Structural improvements include inter-locking joint sections, and the elimination of a separate wear track. If you are interested in a long lasting, maintenance reducing car frame, contact us for additional information.

Turnover Track

Metalcraft has designed a fully adjustable, all stainless steel turnover track for rotating tilting pan filters. A major benefit to this design is that these improvements allow the filter cells to stay in contact with the cloth sprays for a longer period of time. Better filtration and longer cloth life is achieved.

Level Track

Metalcraft has produced and installed filter level tracks that provide a greater degree of adjustability while promoting longer life of the tilt arm lead wheel. Using the latest laser cutting equipment, precisely cut stainless parts are assembled to produce true to radius and fully adjustable level tracks for all tilting pan filters.

Wear Track Replacement

Wear track failure is a common maintenance issue on many rotating pan filters. Metalcraft has developed a method to replace or re-weld the wear track when necessary. This automated process is accomplished with less down time and induces much less stresses into the existing car frame.

Filter Cloth

Metalcraft produces fitted filter cloth for tilting pan filter cells of all sizes. The filter cloth is sized to the individual pan and eliminates the need to use cutting tools to fit the cloth into the pan. This simple approach saves man-power and reduces safety risk.