In 1947 three brothers, Herman, Ernest and George Pleus, began a metal fabrication business founded on the principles of service, dependability and quality workmanship. With them a handshake was better than a contract, a promise could be counted on, and the quality of their work built a reputation as true craftsmen. These principles enabled them to grow into one of the most respected companies of their day. This is the heritage instilled in me by my father, George Pleus. His example of diligence, integrity and faith are the foundational principles of Metalcraft Services of Tampa. Founded forty years later in 1987, Metalcraft continues to build on this foundation. The attitude of service to our customers remains the guide-post for how we approach every job.

her · it · age (her-i-tij) noun from middle French, heriter; to inherit something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor, legacy, inheritance; a tradition

It is our belief that by finding ways to serve you, we will benefit through your success. We value the opportunity to serve you and look forward to building a tradition of service with you.

Service...work done or duty performed for others
Quality...the degree of excellence of a thing
Dependability...trustworthy; reliable